Gamasutra Lists Top 5 Trends of 2007

topten.jpgWe love Top [fill in number][fill in noun]of [fill in year]lists around here. And Gamasutra's was no exception. They sum up this year's trends with just five points.

5. Consolidations 4. Catering to the Wii Audience 3. The Rise of the Shooter 2. Indies Going Major 1. Mainstreaming of Handhelds

It's a solid list. Who would have thought that Blizzivision would be born? Or that all three of the biggest consoles wouldn't touch handheld sales? But I'd probably swap 3 or even 4 to something more like, a "Rift between casual and hardcore gaming." Hit the link for their pretty convincing arguments. Gamasutra's Best of 2007: Top 5 Trends [gamasutra]


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