Gamasutra's Top 5 Most Significant MMO Moments

maplestoryshroom.jpg In 2007, I became a somewhat avid observer of MMOs, even though I don't play them - mostly because there are so many interesting issues wrapped up in the wide, wide world of online multiplayer games, especially in Asia. 2007 was a pretty interesting year for MMOs, and Gamasutra names five of the most important trends and moments of '07 for MMOs: 'little' games get huge, messy MMO failures, WoW's mainstream success, big companies go head to head, and new questions on the best way to play:

I see 2007 as generally positive. The Massive game industry is still in its infancy, in many ways, and these failures are hard growing-up type lessons. I've tried to keep that in mind when constructing a list of the Top Five MMO Trends of 2007 ....

Let's hope looking back on 2008 will be more about sugarplums and less about coal.

I'm dreadful at putting together 'best of' lists, but I've been mulling what I'd put on my top stories of '07 list. What about the faithful Kotakuites out there in the audience?

Gamasutra's Best Of 2007: Top 5 Most Significant Moments In MMOs [Gamasutra]


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