Game Head Ends, GameTrailers TV Begins

Game Head Ends, GameTrailers TV Begins

geoffwarhowl.jpgAfter two and a half years as the best thing to watch if you were home sick on a Friday night without anything better to do, Spike TV’s Game Head is ending its run, but fear not for former Kotaku Geoff Keighley. He returns to the network triumphantly in January as the host of GameTrailers TV, and he’s bringing along a posse with him.’s Daniel Kayser and Amanda MacKay will be joining Geoff on the new show, which will feature event coverage, news, and of course, world premier video game trailers.

“I think of it as Game Head on steroids because we’ll have more resources and coverage,” Keighley says. “It broadens the events we can cover around the country and the world.”

Visitors to the GameTrailers website will be able to upload questions before the shows that might be included in the show itself, giving the whole thing a sort of ghetto interactivity that really makes me miss GameTrailers TV premiers January 25th in that awesome 1am time slot.

Get your game on at ‘GameTrailers’ [Yahoo! News]

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