GameRankings Drops GameSpot Review Scores

theatre_of_pain.jpgAs some of our tipsters and commenters have pointed out, game review harvesting site GameRankings no longer displays any scores from sister site GameSpot, despite both being owned by CNET. GameRankings still features prominent GameSpot logo placement and links, but the reviews have disappeared. CNET's other review gathering property, MetaCritic, still features GameSpot scores as part of its database. While conspiracy theories abound, it seems the real story behind the removal of GameSpot reviews isn't as dramatic as some might think.

GameRankings editor Lee Alessi writes today on his GameSpot blog, "No, I didn't get rid of their data 'on purpose'. I honestly have no clue how it disappeared and before anyone asks—no, I didn't delete the site. I am no Tech but I will take a guess and say there will have to be a restored backup to get close to 10,000 in reviews and 60,000 in other articles back on GR."

Yes, GameRankings did indeed drop GameSpot reviews, but looks like it found them, plans to put them back in their spot, restore balance to all important percentages and (hopefully) defuse any further potential drama.

We've contacted CNET and GameSpot reps to get an official statement on the matter. Regardless, it sounds very much like this is not news.

Before people jump to conclusions/ make assumptions [GameSpot]


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