GameSetWatch Spins Off Apparel Line

polybius_tee.jpgMy philosophy on life is this: you can never be too thin, too rich or have too many T-shirts. Fortunately for those with bare torsos and a taste for gaming, Simon Carless from GameSetWatch has announced the availability of the site's newest venture, a line of limited T-shirts known as GameSetApparel. The first of four, available now, highlights one of gaming's more infamous urban legends, Polybius. Legend has it, Polybius was an arcade game so frightening that merely playing could lead to insanity, resulting in the game being pulled from public display.

Only 111 of the Polybius shirts are available, but Simon and GSA plan to release another three designs this January, all part of the Games That Never Were line and all featuring the artwork of well known artists. Should you be willing to take a chance, all four are up for pre-order now.

Good news, but as a SMALL T-shirt wearer, I'm more excited about the rumours I've been hearing of the GameSetWatch monster truck.

Special Announcement: Introducing GameSetApparel T-Shirts [GameSetWatch]


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