Gamespot Comments On Gerstmann Departure

gerstmann_gamespot.jpgFollowing last Thursday's revelation that 11-year Gamespot veteran Jeff Gerstmann had been let go from parent company CNet, amid rumours that the "tone" in his review for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was responsible, the outlet finally issues a statement. While the staff at Gamespot declined to comment on the grounds for the termination, citing company policy, it writes that "contrary to widespread and unproven reports, his exit was not a result of pressure from an advertiser".

CNET Networks Entertainment VP Greg Brannan goes on record, assuring readers that advertising dollars do not affect the Gamespot's editorial content. He calls accusations that Gerstmann's termination was due to pressure from Kane & Lynch publisher Eidos "unsubstantiated and untrue". He points to unspecified "internal reasons unrelated to any buyer of advertising on Gamespot".

Additional statements from Gamespot staffers are at the news story linked below.

Gerstmann, GameSpot part ways [Gamespot]


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