GameSpot Q&A, A Response to "Gerstmanngate"

sorry.jpgGameSpot has finally responded in force to the Jeff Gerstmann situation, addressing the topic once and for all...though still not revealing why he was fired for unspecified legal reasons. With no more ado, let's just cut right to the chase.

Q: Was Eidos Interactive upset by the game's review?

Well, were they??

A: It has been confirmed that Eidos representatives expressed their displeasure to their appropriate contacts at GameSpot, but not to editorial directly. It was not the first time a publisher has voiced disappointment with a game review, and it won't be the last. However, it is strict GameSpot policy never to let any such feelings result in a review score to be altered or a video review to be pulled.

Q: Did Eidos' disappointment cause Jeff to be terminated? A: Absolutely not.

Q: Did Eidos' disappointment cause the alteration of the review text? A: Absolutely not.

Q: Did Eidos' disappointment lead to the video review being pulled down? A: Absolutely not.

As we heard before, GameSpot officially cited poor production for the pulling of the video review. They also clarify that all Kane & Lynch written review alterations were made to better match the 6.0 score. Wow, so copy should be edited to represent an arbitrary f'ing number? That clarification of practice really brings the credibility back to the site? Fundamentally, I can't agree to the logic, but it's important that GameSpot disclosed their process nonetheless.

Also, GameSpot will be hosting a tribute to Gerstmann tomorrow. UPDATE: Apparently this tribute was sought after by Gamespot's editors and is quite a genuine gesture.

Gamespot Statement [Gamespot]


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