GarageGames Working On Tribes Clone?

GarageGames Working On Tribes Clone?

tribes_left.jpgCan’t say I played much of Dynamix’ follow-up or 2K Australia/2K Boston’s attempt, but the original Starsiege: Tribes saw regular action on my computer back in the day.

Shacknews has managed to get its hands on some early dev video of a new title GarageGames is working on, that looks very reminiscent of Dynamix’ team-based shooter. Shacknews points out that GarageGames was founded by ex-Dynamix employees, so it makes sense.

Despite being early alpha code, I reckon it’s looking pretty slick. You can check out the video for yourself at the link below.

Tribes-like GarageGames Web Title Revealed by Alpha Video Leak [Shacknews]

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