GDC08: Rock Band Post Postmortem, Pardo Talks


GDC's Jamil Moledina has updated his "Director's Cut" blog with details on four new sessions that will be taking place at next year's conference. Here's the summary, for those not into the whole reading thing:

• A talk by Ken Rolston and Mark Nelson of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion discussing collaborative writing
• A talk by Rob Pardo, VP of Design for Blizzard, about the company's approach to multiplayer game design, both what they've learned through titles like World of Warcraft and how they're applying them forward
• A talk with Harmonix's VP of Product Development, Greg LoPiccolo that is a postmortem of a postmortem - a first for GDC - of course, about Rock Band
• A talk with Haden Blackman of LucasArts about the convergent pipeline used in making the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I find all of these pretty interesting, but top of my list is the Harmonix postmortem postmortem, that could be quite interesting.

A Few of Our Favorite Things [GDC]


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