George Broussard Keeps Talking About Duke Nukem Forever

DNF_Teaser_Shot.jpgBoy, George Broussard sure loves Shacknews. He loves it so much, in fact, he prefers to post updates about Duke Nukem Forever in the site's comments section, rather than the 3D Realms website where, you know, people might actually read it.

I don't think he's done that in a while though. Actually, going by this more formal Q&A with Shacknews, old George might be getting back into the swing of doing proper publicity and promotion of his company's games.

3D Realms' George Broussard Tosses Out Duke Nukem Forever Information Scraps [Shacknews, via Blue's News]


    Actually, that Q&A is comprised of answers he gave to Shackers in our comment section.

    @Chris: Well there you go. I appreciate the fact that you guys have pulled them together for easy reading.

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