Godzilla Contest

godzillakid.jpg We're giving away a copy of Godzilla Unleashed (on PS2, DS or Wii, up to you). We're also giving away a limited edition Godzilla poser. Well, not giving them away. You've gotta earn 'em. And the only way to earn 'em is to pretend you're Godzilla. Do things Godzilla would do. Or, get your kids to do things Godzilla would do. Like obstacle-man here, whose son is about to eat a police truck. So cute! Conditions of entry are as follows: include a sign that says KOTAKU in the photo, include your name in an email and then send it all off to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. Blue Oyster Cult lyrics are not compulsory, but are nonetheless encouraged.

Think you can do better? Entries close on December 19. Which is tomorrow. Godzilla Unleashed [Official Site]


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