Godzilla Contest Reminder

godcontest.jpg We're still giving away a copy of Godzilla Unleashed (on PS2, DS or Wii, up to you). You're still going to have to earn it. How do I earn it, we hear you ask? Simple. Pretend you're Godzilla. Do things Godzilla would do. Like Kotakuite Kiriphii has here, terrorising the Mushroom Kingdom like it was nobody's business. Just make sure you hold up a sign while you're doing it. And make sure that sign says KOTAKU. Then make sure you take a photo of all that, because just telling us you did it won't cut it. Once you've got all that sorted, email it off to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom.

You've got until midnight EST on December 19. Get cracking. Godzilla Unleashed [Official Site]


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