Good, Bad Ghostbusters News

thereisnodana.jpgIGN's Australian team got the chance to sit down with a very early build of the 360/PS3 version of Ghostbusters. After a quick playthrough, there's news, both good and...less good. The good stuff is as follows: 1080p is confirmed for both versions, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis are keen to do "lots of games and lots of franchises" and that the in-game engine allows for bad guys like a giant ghost made entirely out of a swirling stack of individual books. Formidable! But the bad news?

Campaign co-op sounds like it's on shaky ground:

...we so much want the experience to be you joining the Ghostbusters for the first time, and all the other characters are so indelibly that character, so I guess we would have to have two new guys as the Ghostbusters recruits... that takes back down what our core resolution is... you get to be a Ghostbusters but at the same time you get to experience and see the Ghostbusters interacting the way they are.

Other piece of bad news is that there is no Dana, only...someone else. The dev team said they couldn't find a way to work Dana into the story, and have replaced her with a new female lead who does, but that smells like as fresh a slice of excuse pie as the co-op business. Unless Sigourney Weaver wanted nothing more to do with the franchise after Ghostbusters II. Which, hey, is just as possible.

Ghostbusters: AU Hands-On and Studio Tour [IGN]


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