Google Zeitgeist Shows Most-Searched Game Consoles

googlecharts.jpgGoogle's Zeitgeist 2007 is a snappy little feature the monolithic net masters are running which captures the spirit of 2007's times in the form of search results. Of interest to you readers, fanboys and casual videogame industry observers is their data on consoles, and which of the big three was most sought out by searchers. For most of the year, it's the "Xbox", with the Wii following close behind. The PS3, well, it's happy doing its own thing. Then we get to October. More people, normal people, start hitting up Google. The kind who want/NEED to know where they can get a Wii, and how much it's going to cost them. As you can see, there are many, many people like that.

Gamers Rule [Google Zeitgeist, thanks balls187!]


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