Guerrilla Confirms Killzone 2 Screens Were "Touched Up"

killzonebullshot.jpgWhen we got our hands on a batch of new Killzone 2 screens last week, things didn't look quite right. We suspected some of the shots looked, well, tarted-up. Turns out our spider-sense was spot-on, with Guerrilla's Seb Downie admitting on the official PS3 forums that, yes, those screens had seen an artist's touch:

They are only the tiniest bit touched up. Short answer is yes. Long answer is that there was a little bit of colour-correction done and some minor polish, but nothing major. Still very close to reality and it looks better in motion in my opinion.

You'd have thought Killzone would be the last franchise on earth to think pulling this shit is a good idea. Guess not! Above is a comparison shot, courtesy of PSU, showing the differences between the Leipzig gameplay trailer (left) and the extent of the "minor polish" in the new shots (right). [PS3 Forums]


    Hahahaha Phony does it again, remember when the PS2 was in development, they said it would have close to photo-realistic graphics what a load that turned out to be.

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