Hackers Join Next-Gen HD Format Wars

hdblueraywar.jpgIn a sense, the next-generation HD battle of blu-ray versus HD DVD closely parallels the current generation console battle between Sony and Microsoft. Both have clear advantages and disadvantages over the other, and every time I try to choose between the two, something happens to cloud my judgment.

Transformers on HD DVD. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Over the holiday season the battle grew more heated, as both formats tried to out special deal the other and forums broke out into the verbal equivalent of fisticuffs, escalating to the point where hackers threw their hat into the ring, redirecting visitors to Blue-raydisc.com to HD DVD's "The Look and Sound of Perfect" website. Nasty! The hack was quickly fixed, but the message is clear. This is still very much a war, and perhaps "Hack the Planet!" Makes you wonder if all industries have fights like this, and somewhere on a craft site a knitter is calling a crocheter a little bitch. F***ing crocheters.

Hacks and smack-talking make hi-def format war even uglier [Ars technica]


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