Halo Wars = "Magic in Disk"

hw_large_1.jpgWe don't generally turn to developers for our game reviews, but if we trust Ensemble Studios' Graeme Devine, lead designer on Halo Wars, then the game is gonna be pretty good. How good?

I think we've got magic in the disc.

Err...could you be more specific? Do you mean like, rabbit out of hat level magic, or being trapped in a case of water for a week only to fail your trick magic?

We've worked on the controls, gameplay, and story for this game being very much aware of what has gone before us. I was down in playtest yesterday and actually did not get to sit down and play because folks were spending their lunches playing the game. I know we're doing well when that happens. More than that, I believe we will be huge not just because I believe, but because when we put the controller in your hands, you will believe too.

That's interesting that Devine mentions controls, because I'm not so certain that any console has gotten the RTS interface just right. And an RTS that has perfect controls on a console may be a little piece of magic after all.

Halo Wars Q&A (Xbox 360) [via thatvideogameblog]


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