Happy Holidays From Atlus U.S.A.

atlusholidays.jpgIt seems these days most of the Christmas cards I receive are actually tastefully handwritten envelopes concealing bill collection notices or special offers from AT&T, so it's nice to get an actual card from a company actually wishing me Happy Holidays, especially when it's one of my favorite JRPG enablers, Atlus USA. The team is pictured on the front of the card wearing corporate mascot Jack Frost's detached scalp on their heads in some sort of grizzly holiday-ritual we cannot begin to understand. Some are pleased by this, one looks depressed over it, and one is so excited he's excavating his nose out of sheer holiday glee. I leave you with their super-secret message, hidden within a fold between the front and back of the card: "Happy "Hee-Ho" Holidays from all of us at Atlus U.S.A.!"


    Fuck yeah, Jack Frost. The only thing that comes close to Jack Frost is Rai-ho, which is just a Jack Frost wearing Raidou's uniform anyway.

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