Harvest Moon Creator Wants to Make Spore-Like Game

wadaspore.jpg Yasuhiro Wada is best known for cult hit barnyard RPG Harvest Moon. But he's also busy running Marvelous Interactive! You'd think a guy who's had creative and business success would be content. Wada still has things he'd like to do — grand plans if you will. Plans that include a Spore-like game. Wada explains:

Eventually, I'd like to make something like Spore, where you create something, and from there, new stuff is going to be created again and again and again. In a micro world, like The Sims for example, you have the city expanding but you can't see it. But you want to be one of the people living in the city, and to be a part of this growing too.

Isn't that what Harvest Moon is? Or is he saying he wants to make infinite Harvest Moon? Wada Interview [Gamasutra]


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