Heavenly Sword Dev Dishes on Upcoming Games

giraffe_full.jpg This post has a spoiler. Thus, we're putting it behind the jump. Here is a picture of a giraffe.

So that was pretty sad in Heavenly Sword when red-headed Nariko croaked, huh? No worries! Just because she's dead, doesn't mean she's dead — especially in a game called Heavenly Sword. Says Nina Kristensen from developer Ninja Theory:

The beautiful thing about inventing a universe like that of Heavenly Sword is that you get to make up all the rules and happily, in the Heavenly Sword universe, just because you're dead, it doesn't mean your life is over ;)

...We haven't announced anything as yet but I can confirm that when we wrote the original story we did write it as a trilogy...

Way to keep it subtle there, Nina!

Heavenly Sword Interview [Lesbian Gamers via Gay Gamer][Image]


    Meh, the Gametrailers review already did a good job of oh so subtly ruining the ending for me anyway, so you get away with it this time Nina!

    Girrafes are my favourite animal ever!
    So pretty, graceful & noble like.
    Not to mention friendly...

    I fed one a few handfulls of grass at Perth zoo a couple of years ago. I was standing there and it leant over the pretty low and climable fence when I offered it some green n'tasty that was growing on the people side.
    It was quite friendly, polite and graceful.

    I used to like dolphins but I went to pat a friendly one that used to work at Atlantis in Perth (it was like Seaworld) many years ago. It looked friendly and approachable but when I got close enough to touch it I noticed it had a half eaten shrimp/prawn thing in it's mouth. Gross! Dolphins are nasty.

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