Heavy Rain Devs Claim They've Crossed The Uncanny Valley

hevrain.jpgYou know the "uncanny valley", right? The closer animated people get to people, the less like people they appear. Well, the developers who got a lot of people talking about said valley now claim they've crossed it. And not just crossed it, flown over it in a small rocket wearing a tight white jumpsuit. Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-founder of Quantic Dream:

When we showed The Casting everyone agreed it was nice and it really showed that there was a potential for creating virtual actors, but we're still at this frontier where we don't totally suspend disbelief. We still have this uncanny valley to bridge

But today, I can officially announce that there is no uncanny valley any more, not in real-time.

You know, Heavy Rain looks promising. And, as de Fondaumière also says in the interview, I'm sure they'll secure some serious Hollywood talent for the project. But comments like that? They can only do one thing, and that's bite a man in the arse a year or two down the road. Quantic eyes Hollywood A-list for Heavy Rain [GI.biz]


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