Hillary Clinton is Polling About Video Games

gta_iv_clinton2.jpgHillary Clinton wants you! (to tell her your taste in gaming). In what is surely a politician's way of milking you for hipster Intel, Hillary Clinton is polling not just your level of liberal or conservative, or just how big of an issue children wearing bike helmets in Iraq is to you. She wants to know what you've been playing. In her most recent online poll, among the more standard questions you'd expect to see, she asks:

Which of the following have you visited or played online?

Options: Sim City, Second Life, Sims, None of the above, Other, Don't know

Wow, not too many options there. My slightly cynical side wonders if participants will merely be fulfilling a watered-down stat. My slightly more cynical side wonders if it's a bit hypocritical for Clinton to be polling on games when she wouldn't respond to a gaming poll in the recent past. And then my most cynical side wonders why the hell Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina decide the fate of us all.

Survey Questions from Hillary Clinton's Web Polling [via gamingtoday]


    something about the picture you provided tells me that shes PURE EVIL.

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