Hong Kong Father Abandons Daughter To Game

xianggang.gif Chan Sing, a 31 year old single father, left his seven year old daughter to fend for herself while he hit up an arcade after being informed that children weren't allowed inside. I understand the lure of gaming to the exclusion of most other pressing matters, but this seems a little over the top. Apparently upon arrest, he informed police 'I have to play video games':

[He]left the girl alone in the street for an hour after staff told him children were not allowed inside the arcade, the South China Morning Post reported.

He then sat her in a restaurant with a drink for three more hours while he continued playing games before staff called police to track down the father.

When he was arrested, Chan told police: "I have to play video games," Kowloon City Court was told Friday.

Chan plead guilty to child abuse and was summarily sentenced to 120 hours of community service; one hopes that next time he decides that he just has to get his gaming fix in, he leaves his daughter at home with a babysitter. I suppose it could have been worse, considering the marathon session some Chinese gamers have gotten in the news for (usually culminating in death by exhaustion or heart attack).

Game addict Hong Kong dad abandons daughter, 7, outside arcade [Earth Times]


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