House of Dead 2 & 3 Return Bundle Going Japanside

hotd-bundle-0-nwf.jpgDespite beating both games countless times in arcades, this The House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return bundle may be reason enough to pick up a Wii Zapper. Featuring two of Sega's famous shooters, the newly announced pack will include the already announced games along with Nintendo's newest Zapper casing for about $US 44 when it's released this March in Japan. Here's hoping the bundle makes its way stateside, since the game alone is currently priced at about $US 40. For $US 4, the Wii Zapper doesn't look all that bad (or difficult to stuff into my entertainment center).

HotD 2 & 3 Zapper bundle coming to Japan
[via gonintendo]


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