Hudson Planning iPhone Development

old_bomberman.jpgIt may not be planning a 2008 follow up to the Bonk franchise, but Hudson Entertainment CEO John Greiner says in a recent interview that the company is definitely planning on creating games for Apple's iPhone. Greiner tells Nintendo Players that, despite the platform being "terrible" and iTunes "not an optimal games distribution environment" the exec sounds pretty excited about the opportunities to bring Bomberman to the iPhone. Must be the iPhone's ability to... well, I really don't know. The thing can barely tell when I'm trying to pick one of my contacts.

He's equally excited about the Wii Ware platform, but says that the company doesn't currently have plans to publish Hudson games on the Virtual Console that were released on the Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo. You can read more about the publisher's plans at the full interview.

EXCLUSIVE: Hudson CEO John Greiner [Nintendo Players]


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