I Want To Play Games In The Batcave

batcave1thumbnail.jpgI can't complain. My 46" DLP is one of the more beautiful TVs I've seen, even as I'm allowed to travel around the globe with Kotaku and our sister site Gizmodo, viewing the latest and greatest display technologies on the market. Sure, my setup could use surround sound, but a pair of wireless headphones does the trick pretty well and keeps my wife happy. Life is good; gaming is beautiful.

That was my world ten minutes ago. And then I saw this Batcave home theater setup.

batcave2thumbnail.jpgIn truth, it doesn't require a $US 36,000 Sony 1080p projector boasting a 110" screen display or eight motorized leather chairs to achieve its level of awesome. Most of us would happily load up our vintage Gameboys and play Paperboy, just to sit amongst the creepy bats and faux stalactites.
batcave3thumbnail.jpgSo hot. That is all.

Cool Stuff: Batcave Home Theater [via spluch]


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