Idea Man Proposes Game Tax To Fund Juvenile Rehab Program

dim_bulb.jpgHere's an idea: propose a 1 percent tax increase on sales tax in the state of Wisconsin to help fund programs for juvenile rehabilitation programs for those who shouldn't be tried as adults in cases of non-violent crimes. Now, a dumb idea: impose that 1 percent tax only on video games and video game consoles. That knuckleheaded proposal can be credited to Democratic senator Jon Erpenbach, who probably has some notion that the purchasing of video games has some direct and doubtless correlation to becoming a delinquent youth. The notion is silly, misguided and smacks of pandering to fellow dim bulbs who are spooked about the dangers of Grand Theft Auto creating a generation of hooker murdering thugs.

Lawmaker wants expanded juvenile treatments [Wisconsin Radio Network via GamePolitics][Image]


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