IGF Finalists Named

worldofgoo.jpgThe 2008 Independent Games Festival finalists for the main competition have been named and it doesn't look like a single one of the games I helped judge in the initial round made it to round two. Fortunately, now I, along with all of the other judges, get to play the finalists, something I'm quite looking forward to. Hit the jump for the breakdown of finalists. Seumas McNally Grand Prize: * Audiosurf * Crayon Physics Deluxe * Hammerfall * Noitu Love 2: Devolution * World of Goo

Best Web Browser Game: * Globulos.com * Iron Dukes * Tri-Achnid

Design Innovation Award: * Battleships Forever * Fez * Fret Nice * Snapshot Adventures: Secret Of Bird Island * World Of Goo

Excellence in Visual Art: * Clean Asia! * Fez * Hammerfall * Synaesthete * The Path

Excellence in Audio: * Cinnamon Beats * Fret Nice * Audiosurf * Clean Asia! * OokiBloks

Technical Excellence: * World of Goo * Goo! * Audiosurf * Axiom: Overdrive * Gumboy Tournament

Sounds like I have some fun judging in store for me over the coming weeks.

IGF Finalists


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