I'm Not Talking To You

To: Luke From: Fahey Re: Learning to Like Coffee (And Possibly Regret it)

I see how it is. Crecente was in transit all day today, though you still address your Night Note to him. Thanks a lot Ashcraft. From now on all my Day Notes are addressed to Luke, who is much more considerate despite being Australian. Maybe one day you'll earn back my trust.

So Luke! Luke Plunkett. How's things? How's Australia treating you? Is your beard doing well? I like that you can grow such a manly beard, unlike certain other Kotaku writers on your side of the planet. I just wanted to tell you that out of all of our nighttime Kotaku writers, you are hands-down my favourite. Next time we're all at an event together we should get together and get some tacos. Just you and me. Did you know they don't have good Mexican food in Japan? Someone once told me that, but I can't remember who. He probably doesn't deserve tacos anyway. I was totally going to mail him some, but that bird has flown. Speaking of birds that have flown...

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