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To: Crecente From: Ashcraft

Ahoy stranger!

I had to go to immigration today to get a re-entry permit for my visa. Every time you leave Japan, you need to have a re-entry permit on your passport so they don't neg your visa. Also, I *finally* turned in my application for permanent residence in Japan. I was supposed to do that a month or so ago, but literally, haven't had a moment to do so! The man at immigration said it will take half a year for the government to decide if I can get permanent residence.

Permanent residence will enable me to do things like buy a house — which is something my family is so ready to do! Also, I won't have to renew my visa ever again. Very convenient.

While I was at immigration, I thought about pre-registering my finger prints. As I mentioned previously, Japan has started to require non-Japanese to give their fingerprints upon arriving. I've heard from people who've traveled out of the country that pre-registering didn't save them anytime when they came back to Japan. Also, I had to get back to start blogging. So, anyway, no pre-registering! I did catch the information video about giving your fingerprints when arriving in Japan. The blonde haired women in the video looked so happy giving her prints!

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