Inafune Says No Megaman in Brawl

Smashing the holiday hopes and dreams of MegaMan and Smash Bros. fans everywhere, Keiji Inafune has stated uncategorically that at this time, Megaman is not going to be a character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. In the most recent Bionic Commando podcast, Inafune says:

Well, I really do love Super Smash Brothers. It's a great series...but, Nintendo hasn't asked me yet if they can use Mega Man in their game. I'm still waiting...we have a little bit of time left, it's not coming out for another few months. They might get around to asking us if we'd like to put Mega Man in Super Smash Brothers. Maybe if somebody from Nintendo is listening to this podcast, they'll give me a call.

I know this is going to come as quite a blow to all of you out there had been keeping your fingers crossed for Megaman's appearance, but it looks like you're out of luck this time. Or are you? As he says "we still have a little bit of time left." But will it be enough time for some last minute coding?


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