Inside The Mind Of A Bastard Wii, PS3 Reseller

merchant.jpgThe Consumerist have a great piece up detailing the "confessions" of a serial Craigslist reseller. Beginning his "job" with the launch of the PS3, the guy has since sold loads of PS3s and Wiis, all to crazy profits and all thanks to some questionable ideas on fairness and the exploiting of an open market.

The Wiis have been a steady stream of income. I'm a casual video game player but I got to know the guy who runs my local Gamestop. He told me when they get their deliveries and said Wii's were first come, first serve. Since the summer I've bought 10 of them and sold them for an average of 150 bucks over cost.

In all he's sold 5 PS3s, each for between a $300-500 profit, and 10 Wiis, each for at least a $150 profit. Head on over to The Consumerist for the full rundown. It'll make your skin crawl, but if you like reading books on serial killers or puppy kickers it should be roughly the same kind of deal.

[The Consumerist]


    Kotaku, why don't you crawl back into your cave? What makes you so... whatever it is you are, that you can *seriously* compare someone reselling electronics at ACTUAL market rate to a serial killer. You know who makes me sick Kotaku? You. Seriously, stop hiring people with chips on their shoulders to write for you. You remind me of a large room of Bill O'Reilly's sitting around writing about video games. Excuse me while I wipe the puke from my lips and go find some Tums to quiet my stomach.

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