Internode Proxy May Improve World of Warcraft Lag

internodelogo.jpgThe 2.3 update to Blizzard’s frightfully popular MMO World of Warcraft might have brought with it a nasty case of the high pings.

While latency for the online RPG usually varies between 200-500ms for Australian players, the higher end of this spectrum has been getting more of a workout than usual, according to user reports over at Oz telecommunications and ISP news site Whirlpool.

Adelaide-based ISP Internode believes the problem lies with various changes Blizzard made to the protocols used by WoW to communicate between the client and server.

With Blizzard apparently lacking the motivation to address the problem, Internode has come up with its own solution, in the form of a proxy.

From Internode Games Network:

We are after feedback on whether or not this improves your in game ping. Our testing internally shows that it should, so we are opening this up to Internode customers

Note: This is a temporary, experimental service and it may go down at any time as we tweak it. Simply reconnect if it does.

The server is currently located in Adelaide so those connecting from the east coast will not see as much of an improvement as those in Adelaide or WA. We are still interested in your feedback however and further tweaks down the track will improve pings for our east coast customers as well.

In the same post, Internode provides detailed instructions on how to set up the proxy.

Note that this is for Internode users only. The post also states that due to the location of the proxy (Adelaide), users in Western Australia and South Australia will see the most benefit.

Internode WoW Gateway – Lower WoW pings, for free, for Internode Customers [Internode Games Network]


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