Interplay Wants Attitude, Skills For Fallout MMO

fallout1_01.jpgGameBanshee has up an interview with an enthusiastic Jason D. Anderson, talking about his move back into the games industry with none other than old employer Interplay. It masquerades as a chat about Interplay’s widely known plans (thanks SEC!) to build an MMO based on Fallout, but ends up being a catch-up with Anderson. Which isn’t so bad.

According to Anderson, Interplay wants employees with attitude and skills:

As I am interviewing potential employees for Interplay, I am not only taking a hard look at people’s skills, but at their overall attitude on game making and the gaming industry as well.

He doesn’t specify which is more important, however.

I also found out that Leonard Boyarsky’s over at Blizzard Activision Blizzard now.

While I’m wishing Interplay all the best in its endeavour to make a Fallout MMO reality, it was not by a random act of God that the company almost went bankrupt and had to sell the Fallout IP to Bethesda.

Interplay MMORPG Interview – Part One [GameBanshee, via Blue’s News]


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