iPhone Playstation Emulator Goes Public

The PSX4iPhone Playstation emulator for the iPhone we've been talking about for a few weeks now has finally gone into its public beta. That means if you've got an iPhone or an iPod Touch and more than just a pinch of patience you can hop on over to ZodTTD's site to download and check out the public beta.

After you transfer the application to your phone or pod the software will theoretically allow owners to download ISO, IMG, BIG Z and ZNX files to your phone to play Playstation games. Of course you'd need to already own the game to do this legally.

Reading through the comments over on the site it's apparent that, as with all betas, things are entirely smooth yet. Not all games, for instance, play on the emulator and some work but have missing sound or messed up graphics.

Make sure to check out this thread to watch a bunch of different videos showing off PSOne games in action.

iPhone Playstation Emulator [ZODTTD]


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