Is It Over Yet?

To: Ash & Luke From: Maggie Subject: I hate finals week.

Ok, ok, I love finals week, too, because it means we're almost done with classes for at least a few weeks (and I can stuff a lot of books like The Agrarian Origins of Modern Japan on my bookshelves to be forgotten about for a few months). But I really hate it because there's so much to do and not enough time. This weekend, I'm knee deep in PRC history while putting together a final paper, and here's what my coffee table looks like: booksbooksbooks.jpg... I realised with a bit of horror that those don't even make up half of the books we read this quarter. My brain has reached saturation point, and I'm ready for a stiff drink and a day (or three) dedicated to sleeping in, gaming, and not reading.

Here's what you might have missed this weekend:

Flynn went to the Spike TV Video Game Awards! Crecente reminded us that the Funde Razor charity event will be kicking off on Wednesday in Brooklyn and Denver Tom Brokaw declared video games and blogs "cancerous". I guess we're doubly screwed here at Kotaku!

Hope you guys have a nice night. Flynn will be back next weekend and I will be done, done, DONE with the fall quarter - both of which I am super-excited about.


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