Is Lost Odyssey A Complete Dog's Breakfast?

lostodyssey.jpgIGN think so! They got hold of a copy of the game from Japan, then proceeded to sit down, play it for six hours, and post impressions. Mistwalker/Gooch fans, you can either prepare for the worst or write this up to the fact it's a single preview based on six hours of playtime. The choice is yours:

In the six hours that I've played so far, Lost Odyssey has been a technical mess, with framerate problems in just about every cinema and on most maps, an animation system that looks like it was ported straight from a PS2 engine, and frequent, inconsistent load times accompanied by visual stuttering as new data loads in.

Hrm. Bear in mind this is a final, retail copy of the game, not a preview build. Then again, bear in mind that you could have said nearly all of that about Mass Effect, and people seem to be getting along with that game just fine. Lost Odyssey Hands-On [IGN]


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