Itagaki Cleared Of Inappropriate Touching

itagakibooze.jpgLooooong time ago, Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki was accused - of all things - of sexual misconduct in the workplace. And while stereotypes and armchair judges of character had the man guilty at first reading, the law has found differently. Itagaki himself, speaking to 1UP:

A verdict has been handed out in the sexual harassment case that was brought against me by a former female employee of Tecmo. I have held my head high and have fought the good fight for the past year in order to clear my name and to uphold the reputations of Team NINJA and of Tecmo. The former employee's arguments were judged to have been false, and all claims that she has brought against me have been dismissed.

So not only did he win, he fought the good fight. Good thing he did. Otherwise we'd all go away thinking he and Team Ninja were a bunch of jubblies-obsessed pervs!



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