Jack Tretton On Xbox LIVE Competition

Picture%205.pngJack Tretton, having survived the PS3's first, bumpy year, now needs only to survive all the one-year later stories and interviews. And if the he and the PS3 can make it through this, they can make it through anything...because nothing hones corporate survival skills like questions inquiring at what point "SCEA will really compete with Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade."

We compete very effectively right now. The thing that we care most about and what is relative to our online experience is that we currently have 3 million users and they have downloaded 60 million pieces of content. In my opinion, they are the biggest ringing endorsement of our online efforts. As long as we continue to grow our install base we are on the right track for our online efforts.

Install base is a problem, but so is user base. Because a lot of us who own both an Xbox 360 and PS3 have little incentive not to play cross-platform titles on LIVE. Interview: Jack Tretton Reflects on Year One as SCEA Chief [gamedaily]


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