Japan Getting New Wii Colours In 2008? Nope!

wii_color_mockup.jpgAccording to a rumour allegedly sourced from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine, Nintendo plans to introduce new Wii colours to coincide with the Japanese release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. According to early leaks from the magazine, Japan will have the chance to buy the Wii in five colours: red, diamond black, mint blue, snow pink, and Famicom-themed red and gold. The package would include a copy of Brawl, two Wii remotes and two nunchuk controllers. The Brawl bundle is reported to retail for 35000 yen, about $US 310.

While North American Nintendo reps have claimed that the Wii won't arrive in non-white versions until current supply issues are resolved, Nintendo of Japan is no stranger to releasing new colourways of its consoles. Still, rumours of multi-coloured Wiis and Wii accessories have come before, passing without anything concrete. That means, take this with a grain of salt (until Famitsu scans start turning up).

UPDATE: Looks like the source of these rumours, a 2ch message board poster, has admitted that the Famitsu info was faked. Everyone will have to settle with the lush whiteness of their Wiis for the time being it seems. Thank God I didn't get my hopes up or my wallet out.

Weekly Famitsu Thread, 12/14 issue [NeoGAF]



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