Japanese Chocobo's Dungeon Trailer Delights

Alright, all of you Final Fantasy and anime fans out there who are trying half-heartedly to learn Japanese, say it with me! "KAWAII!" It helps if you giggle, jump into the air, and clap as you exclaim it in a slightly squeaky voice. Very good! I'm beginning to worry that my life-long love of Final Fantasy was really just a life-long love of chocobos that disguised itself up until Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales came out on the DS. The tingly feeling I got as I grinned a dimple-revealing grin while watching this Japanese trailer for Chocobo's Dungeon: Toki-Wasure no Meikyuu for the Wii only serves to confirm my fears. *violently sweeps Final Fantasy figures from bookshelf to the floor* My life is a lie!


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