Jerry Bruckheimer "Could Change" Prince of Persia

jerrybruckheimerdsppjune.jpg Super producer Jerry Bruckheimer is bringing Prince of Persia to the big screen. Shooting, he hopes, will begin next June. With the writers strike, even a summer start isn't for sure. They still working on the script, feeling things out. Says Bruckheimer:

I guess it's the 8th or 9th Century, but that could change to. It might change a little bit, we're not sure yet. It'll definitely be a period film; we're not going to make it contemporary.

No one has been cast in the picture yet, but Bruckheimer has brought on director Mike Newell to helm the picture. Newell is best known for Donny Brasco and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Bruckheimer adds: "He's a very inventive, ingenious director, and I think he's going to bring something really special to it. Like making shit look cool when it blows up? Bruckheimer Interview [Collider via Shack News]


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