Judge Tells The Romantics To Cram It, Fignuts

romantics.jpg Calling upon both the law and common sense, a federal judge has told The Romantics that, no, they can't have the cover version of their song "What I Like About You" removed from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. Why? Because Activision did every single thing they legally needed to do in securing the song for the game. Better luck next time, you mugs.
Judge denies Guitar Hero injunction [GI.biz][Image]


    Aww, the poor Romantics...more like The Hopeless Romantics, though, amirite?! *grimaces*

    Maybe they'll hop on the anti-Activision bandwagon at the moment and release 'What I Don't Like About You'...what's the worst that could happen? Revive their careers? :O

    I've always liked that song though, and watching the clip leaves me with this strange desire to wear skinny ties...

    PS: Happy Birthday, Logan! M'sorry I don't have a 'Super Happy Maths-filled Fun Survey' for you :(

    The Romantics were mad because Activision was too cheap to purchase the rights to use the master recording for The Romantics' own version of the song "What I Like About You." The Romantics own the master for this hit song, not a big record company. Activision has no problem using recordings by artists such as Guns N Roses, most of these recordings belong to the big record companies. The Romantics want to make money just like the big record companies and who's to say they don't deserve the money or the recognition? Did The Romantics sue Activsion out of spite or for revenge? Perhaps Activision is in bed with the big record companies?

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