Jumpgate Evolution Launches Website Into Space

jumpgatewebsite.jpgNetDevil is proud to announce the official launch of the website for Jumpgate Evolution, the sequel to their much loved but less played space-faring MMO, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. The new site adds tons of media in the form of gameplay clips, wallpapers, and screenshots, as well as game news, forums, and the all-important beta sign-ups. They've even got a fansite kit available, in case you feel like creating your own Jumpgate Evolution web advertisement! Huzzah! Head over to www.jumpgateevolution.com for a look at the last best hope for Earth and Beyond players still clinging to the past, like me!

NetDevil Announces Official Launch of Jumpgate Evolution Website

New Screenshots, Wallpapers, Game News, Forums, Beta Sign-Up and In-game Footage Now Available from New Online Community Destination

NetDevil today announces the much anticipated website launch for Jumpgate Evolution, the new action-based space combat MMO in Jumpgate universe.

Jumpgate Evolution lets you jump into the cockpit and fly your ship just by moving your mouse, giving sci-fi fans a unique opportunity to experience a large and versatile universe. As a space hero from one of the three different nations: Solrain, Quantar, or Octavius, players can interact with both PvP and PvE content earning advancement through combat, mining, missions, exploration, and trade.

From a variety of small fighter ships and capital ships to giant battle stations, players get to engage in galactic space combat for an MMO experience unlike any other. Visually stunning graphics at minimum PC specs, accessible yet rich gameplay, and advanced AI are just some of the prominent features of this new epic and dynamic online universe.

In addition, both new in-game screenshots and game footage have been added to celebrate the website launch, alongside a collection of previously released concept art, in-game screens, and backstory, providing fans a deeper glimpse into the ever-expanding Jumpgate Evolution universe. Join the official forums so that you can interact with our continuously updated community.

An official fan kit is also available for fansite assets.

To visit the new Jumpgate Evolution website and sign-up for the beta test program, please visit: www.jumpgateevolution.com


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