Kane & Lynch Site Drops Five Star "Reviews"

kane_lynch_starless.jpgWhen site GameBump noticed that the official Kane & Lynch: Dead Men web site contained what appeared to be a series of five-star reviews for the Eidos and IO Interactive game, five-star reviews that weren't actually granted, reaction from quoted outlets and readers was less than positive. The German-language version even quoted our own hands-on impressions of the game, nestled comfortably beneath a grand row of five-stars. It all seemed so... distasteful.

Today, regardless of whether it was an innocent design decision or whether consumers were being intentionally mislead, the unwarranted "ratings" have been removed. All that remain now are the pull-quotes, a preview clip, some guns to let you know how shoot-y it is... and a couple of black eyes.

Official Site [Kane & Lynch]


    Haha "What could go wrong?"
    It's like some sort of dark warning.

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