Kane & Lynch Site Fibbing About Reviews, Scores

klrev1.jpgIt's not like the relationship between Kane & Lynch and review scores wasn't messy enough. But now this? Visitors to the game's official site will notice, once the page's flash intro is done, that two review scores for the game are flashed for your perusal. One from GameSpy, one from Game Informer. Both look positively glowing! Both give the game a very encouraging five stars! Thing is, both are... well, not real. They're fabricated. Lies, if you will.

GameSpy did not say "It's the best emulation of being in the midst of a Michael Mann movie we've ever seen" in their review of the game. They said that in their E3 2007 coverage. In other words, a preview. They also did not give the game five stars. They gave it three.

As for Game Informer, same deal. The highlighted quote does not appear in the review of the game. Nor do they give it five stars. Game Informer don't even score in stars. They gave it a 7/10.

To assist you in correcting your error, Eidos, and you in procuring all the necessary facts, dear reader, attached below are how the two review selections should appear. klrev2.jpg Kane & Lynch Review [Game Informer] Kane & Lyncn Review [GameSpy] Official Kane & Lynch Site [Eidos]

Official Kane & Lynch Website LIES About Its Scores [Gamebump]


    Geez. Now I almost feel sorry for this game.

    Jesus, this whole mess just gets worse and worse. I was going to pick up K&L but I am not getting it anymore.

    This is just sad, and wont help the situation go away any quicker.

    Ouch. This game really did look great but this thing has more bad press around it than the ps3 launch.

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