Kansas to Illinois

To: Luke and Flynn
From: Crecente
Re:Sitting In My House

I love to cook, I cook all the time, and I've been told I'm pretty good at it. But there are two things I'm not so good at cooking, the first is anything cake like, because I essentially can't bake, and the second is soup. Fortunately, my wife is a whiz at soups and she LOVES pumpkin soup. She makes these huge, HUGE vats of it and we always end up having to throw some away. I suspect this unreasonable love of pumpkin soup is an Australian thing.

We woke up at 6 a.m. this morning and spent the day on the road, my wife driving and me blogging, as we crossed from Colby, Kansas to the southern Illinois, Tristan and the two dogs blissfully quiet in the back of the mini-van. It was a pretty drab, and uneventful trip. Tomorrow I take the wheel and drive us down to Atlanta where we'll be spending the night with my brother before taking the final leg of our trip to Moultrie. I had figured out how to get the Wii to work in the van's flip-down television, but my son ended up getting in trouble and we banned him from video games for awhile. Hopefully, he (and I) will be able to delight in some high-speed gaming on the way back.

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