Kinnear of Kong

greg_kinnear.jpg The King of Kong was so good that it deserves a Hollywood remake. Or something. So, if we were casting the role of school teacher challenger Steve Wiebe who tries making a go at arcade hero Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong record, we'd say Greg Kinnear would make a fine choice. But what does Greg Kinnear think?

I saw that documentary. I loved it. I thought it was a very cool documentary. If they make that into a movie...I wouldn't want to play Kong. So that guy [Wiebe]would be better.

So that just leaves casting Billy Mitchell. Suggestions welcomed.

Kinnear in Kong [Multiplayer]


    Zac Efron.

    No, seriously, hear me out.
    Flocks of excitable young women = Video games are sexy. This is a hit we should really think about taking.

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