Kommenter King

mark_wilsons_followers.jpgDon't forget that you still have two more weeks to try and amass a commenting army to wrest control of the ban hammer from Ash and I.

The top five commenters with the most followers will be in the running to be named the new commenting czar which, along with being able to wield the ban hammer, will pay $US 200 a month.

Getting the break down is pretty work intensive, but last time we checked Witzbold wasn't just the leader at Kotaku, he actually has the most followers Gawker wide with 188 minions, followed by TheIrishNinja with 77, EnigmaNemesis with 75, PapaBear4 with 66 and dv8godd with 43. Remember it doesn't matter where in the top five you fall, just so you land there, and you still have plenty of time to recruit.

Full rules here.

Editor's note: This is for Kotaku US only.


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