Kommenting = Kash


Don't forget we're running two commenting contests of sorts right now. If you're into control and want to get paid to sort of work for Kotaku, then make sure to check out our Komment King Kontest, where we are desperately searching for the new Commenting Czar for Kotaku. A Kotaku Tower position which will pay $US 200 a month and grant one lucky reader access to the might Ban Hammer. Check it out here for all of the rules and such.

If you're not into work, and who is, then check out our Shopping Bot contest. You just need to hit up the original contest thread and post a comment with the word ENTRY in it, an actual link to your favorite Kotaku story and a brief explanation of why it's your favorite story. Think of it as a chance to reminisce. Just remember to include the link, a lot of people seem to be forgetting to do that, and that you can only enter once a day here.


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